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Reimagining how we lead and design collaborations.

Speaking & Facilitation

“Gregg’s combination of energy, ​curiosity, & Humility invites everyone ​to show up just how they are.”

Gregg’s ability makes a great ​addition to your event!



Gregg provides engaging and interactive keynote ​addresses the bring participants on a journey. He ​is not afraid to be transparent and provide ​personal information that can deepen the ​relationship between Gregg and the audience.

Gregg can is able to provide presentations in the ​following categories:

  • Why Collaboration?
  • Centering Humanity in Collaboration
  • Being the Best Collaborator Means Being Our ​Best Self
  • Community Engagement with an LGBTQ+ / ​International Lens


“Bringing Gregg to Emcee our annual Ales for ​Alzheimer’s event was the best thing we could ​have done. He kept the evening going, found ways ​to continue our focus in uncomfortable moments, ​and made all the attendees feel at home.”

-Sara Alvarado

Alvarado Real Estate Group

Gregg loves to work a crowd and support the ​purpose of your event. He’s able to work ​through obstacles while keeping the attendees ​engaged, happy, and supporting the reason ​you invited them.


Facilitation is second nature to Gregg. He loves ​to listen and connect people. Those superpowers ​combined with his training is the right recipe to ​amplify the growth and development your ​attendees are looking for. Participants in sessions ​with Gregg leave energized and wanting more.

Types of events perfect for Gregg Potter’s ​facilitation skills are:

  • Conferences / Keynotes
  • Board retreats
  • Team building and seminars
  • Professional Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Organizational summits

Ready to Go Events

If you’re looking for an engaging event ​or a course for your team that Gregg is ​ready to teach and facilitate, check out ​the following...

Twenty Minute Collaborations Salon

A live recording of Gregg’s podcast that ​includes a lot of audience engagement, ​learning, and fun!